Schleich Zebra Female

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Discover the “horse” of the African plains. Schleich’s female zebra is realistically modelled with each stripe meticulously hand painted. Fun facts: Zebras live in the African savannah and belong to the horse family. Each zebra has a unique fur coat pattern just like a human fingerprint consisting of black and white stripes. Even its mane is striped. The zebra’s stripes provide camouflage and confuse predators. They also protect against the heat and mosquitos and help animals recognize each other. But can you ride a zebra? In the 18th and 19th century it was popular to try – but zebras are way more aggressive than horses and their unique double kick is powerful enough to kill a lion. Schleich products are developed with the assistance of parents, teachers and children and are therefore especially designed for children's hands. The models are all true to life and each meticulously hand painted. Schleich products are all made in compliance with all safety regulations. This is a great toy for promoting imaginative play and for children to learn about the natural world. Ages: 3+
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