Kidzlabs 3D Solar System Light-Up Poster Board

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Build your cool light-up Solar System Poster Board! Learn interesting facts about the solar system and the planets, including the sun. Add the lights and the planets to the poster to light it up. Perfect for a night light for space enthusiasts! Fun to do for a science fair project! Great decorative item for your space-themed room! For ages 5 years+.
gnite your child's curiosity and embark on an illuminating journey through space with the 4M Kidzlabs 3D Solar System Light-Up Poster Board Kit! This exciting kit allows young astronomers and space enthusiasts aged 4 years and up to build their very own Solar System light-up poster. Not only does this project promise hours of creative fun, but it also provides an educational experience. Assembling the poster board is an engaging way for children to learn interesting facts about the solar system and its celestial inhabitants, from the mighty sun to the distant planets. Watch as their eyes light up, just like their poster, with newfound knowledge about the universe. The magic truly happens when you add the lights and planets to the poster, transforming it into a mesmerizing night light. This functional and decorative piece is perfect for space-themed bedrooms, casting a celestial glow that captures the wonder of the cosmos. Additionally, the 4M Kidzlabs 3D Solar System Light-Up Poster Board Kit is an excellent choice for science fair projects, encouraging hands-on learning and exploration. It's a creative blend of science, art, and astronomy that's sure to captivate young minds and fuel their passion for space. Bring the universe closer to home with this innovative and educational kit.
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