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Toro 2 IN 1 Bull & Dinobot

Toro 2 IN 1 Bull & Dinobot

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Meet TORO the 2-in1 Bull & Dino Bot - an interactive educational robot that makes learning STEM and robotics fun. Learn science, robotics and engineering using motors, sensors and make Toro move with simple hand movements. Ages 8+

The kit can be used to assemble two unique robots - Bull Bot and Dino Bot. This exciting new DIY robot is perfect to teach children building, robotics, infrared sensor and electrical motor concepts.Toro has 7 different fun play modes to choose from - Object Following, Flag Racing, Avoid Obstacles, Sprint, Soccer, Line Tracer and Maze Runner.Equipped with 2 motors, an infrared sensor and tech features, you can interact and play with Toro using hand movements. Toro's eyes have LEDs with 3 different colours that allow you to know the play mode status.Using TORO's motor, sensors and other high tech features, you can interact and play games with him by using simple hand movements! TORO can follow objects, avoid obstacles, trace a line, play soccer, flag race, sprint or follow the path of a maze!The educational but super-interactive & fun nature of the toy makes it a winner with kids (and parents) - kids are learning science, robotics and engineering skills while they are building and playing with this toy.Build, play and explore with TORO!Suitable for ages 8 years+

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