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Sylvanian Families - Village Doctor Starter Set

Sylvanian Families - Village Doctor Starter Set

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The Village Doctor Starter Set featuring everything you need to pretend playing doctor, including figure with white coat, check-up machine and other medical tools. Help keep healthy with the included syringes, stethoscope, bed, wheelchair, medicine and other accessories. The doctor's bag can be used to store the syringes, stethoscope and medicine. The plaster cast can git onto child figures. Includes Persian Cat mother, Doctor Dawn.Ages: 3+(SF5705)

Combine with the Red Roof Cosy Cottage (sold separately) to turn the house into a doctor's surgery! Combine with vehicle sets like the Family Picnic Van or Family Campervan (sold separately) to turn the cars into an ambulance!Set includes: Persian Cat mother (Doctor's Outfit), Examination Table, Sign Board, Doctor's Chair, Patient's Chair, Bed, Wheelchair, Doctor's Bag, Stethoscope, Syringe (Large), Syringe (Small), Thermometer, Tablet, Capsule, Cough Syrup, Plaster Cast, Crutches x2, Cold Compress

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