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Jenjo Giant Pick Up Sticks

Jenjo Giant Pick Up Sticks

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Giant Pickup Sticks is a great activity to play around the house to get the
whole family involved in playing & testing out their skills.
Reccommended 4+ years

26 Giants Sticks Measuring at 90 cm Long:
Giant Pickup Sticks is perfect for a great kids birthday party, social event
or for a fundraiser event. It is also very easy to carry around with you so
that you can have this game on a picnic day or on a camping trip The set
includes 1 Blue(Mikado) stick, 5 yellow (Mandarin) sticks,10 green (Samurai)
sticks,10 red (Kuli) sticks,a mesh carry bag and a book of rules.
The overall weight of the set is 800 g.

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