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Hape Quadrilla Race To Finish

Hape Quadrilla Race To Finish

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Fast,fun and thrilling!
Drop two marbles from the top and watch them race to the finish.
Recommended 4+ years.

From Hape’s highly regarded quality product range,Quadrilla Race to the Finish
is a beginner set which will help your child get started on building their own
marble runs. A STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) based toy
which encourages open-ended play, problem-solving skills and creativity as well
as imaginative thinking.
Set Includes:

  • 9 x Coloured Blocks,
  • 4 x Height Adjusters,
  • 4 x Base R 3 x Accelerators,
  • 1 x Twist Rail,
  • 30 x Marbles,
  • 1 x Cotton Storage Bag,
  • 1 x Spinner,
  • 1 x Clamp.
  • Materials: Wood, plastic and glass.
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