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Gardening Bag with Garden Tools

Gardening Bag with Garden Tools

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Dig in the dirt and helping to water the plants.
Recommended 3+ years

Lively young gardeners will love the Bigjigs Toys Green Gardening Bag including
tools, a watering can and gardening gloves - perfect for digging in the dirt
and watering plants with Mum and Dad! Featuring pretty red ladybirds, this
colourful small tote bag has everything a little gardener needs including a
hand spade, trowel, rake, watering can and gloves. The bag makes for a great
place to keep it all too. Elasticated wrists on the gardening gloves ensure no
unwanted objects fall inside, and that the gloves do not slip off! Watering can
features a top and side handle making it easy to hold for little hands, and a
fixed spout. Garden accessories available in the Bigjigs Toys gardening range
include a gardening belt, tote bag with tools, gardening gloves, long handled
tools, watering cans, buckets, hand tools and an apron.
Consists of 6 play pieces.

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