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Egg And Dino Puzzle - Kiddie Connect

Egg And Dino Puzzle - Kiddie Connect

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Lift the egg and see what is inside!This 2 layer puzzle has 6 different-sized dinosaurs under 6 different-sized eggs to sort.Ages:18 months+

This puzzle helps to develop the fine motor skills of grasping, holding, and placing. It is practice for improving hand-eye coordination. This playful puzzle features 2 layers; 1 layer has 6 different-sized dinosaurs underneath 6 different-sized eggs. Crack open the eggs and see what is inside. Some ideas for enhancing and encouraging play and learning:

  • Find the dinosaur. Is that a triceratops?
  • What colour egg is it in? Can you match the dinosaur to the egg?
  • Talk about each dinosaur.
  • What noise do you think this dinosaur made?
  • Is it a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore?
Children will love experiencing open-ended play and can use the easy-to-grab chunky animals to play with.
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