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Cat Crimes, Thinkfun

Cat Crimes, Thinkfun

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Who’s to Blame Logic Game.
Recommended 8+ years.

Tangled yarn and a missing bird, a knocked over flower pot...
which of the six furry fiends was responsible for each Cat Crime?
Featuring 6 very sneaky and mischievous cats, this game can be played by
1 player or cooperatively by more.
Cat Crimes encourages the development of deductive skills, cooperative team work and visual spatial awareness.
Players use paw prints, toy placement and other clues to figure out exactly where
each Cat was sitting at the time of the crime.
The game comes with a large deck of challenge cards broken down into 4 different
colour coded difficulty areas from beginner to expert.
All the components of Cat Crimes are extremely well made and durable enough for
multiple plays including the linen finished thick cardboard board
and large individual cat pieces. The rule book contains lots of pictures and
examples and is very easy for children to read through and understand.
A great at home or holiday activity. Also fun for children to play with parents!

  • Game Board
  • 6 Cat Tokens (with token stands)
  • 6 Crime Tokens
  • 40 Challenge Cards with Solutions
Mensa Mind Games Finalist – 2019
Featured in Good Housekeeping
Autism Live Top Toy Winner
The Dice Tower Seal of Approval
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