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BRIO - Grand Roundhouse

BRIO - Grand Roundhouse

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Where do the trains go to park? Into the Grand Roundhouse of course! Use the turntable to place the trains into their individual stables. The back doors also open for access to the trains from behind the roundhouse. Five vehicles fit inside and include a rotating switch.Ages: 3+(BRI33736)

Complete your wooden rail set with the Grand Roundhouse!Park your Brio wooden rail engines in this sensational Grand Roundhouse by Brio. This wooden roundhouse has 5 doors which can be opened and closed manually to drive the trains in and out of roundhouse. A turntable is positioned at the front of the roundhouse which connects to the 5 tracks leading into the roundhouse, there are also sliding doors at the rear to access and view trains.Dimensions: 43cm x 43cm x 10.7cmSuitable for children aged 3 years and up

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