Road Sign Playset 12 Pc

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This wooden construction traffic signs playset from Kaper Kidz is a great toy for children who love playing with toy cars and vehicles. This set includes 12 wooden pieces including road signs, bollards, and witches hats that can be used to create a realistic construction site or road scene. Recommended Age: 3 Years +
Playing with this toy can help children develop their imagination and creativity, as they use the signs and bollards to create different scenarios and situations for their toy cars and vehicles. They can also learn about road safety and the importance of following traffic signs and signals, which can help them develop good habits for when they start driving in the future. It is a fun and educational toy that can provide hours of entertainment for children while also helping them learn important skills and concepts. Each wooden Construction Road Sign Playset from Kaper Kidz is made from timber and finished to the highest quality and painted in child safe, non-toxic paint. (NG23660)
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